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Are you looking to part exchange for something new? Get a competitive price for your old car and calculate your predicted finance costs per month for buying your new car.

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  •  Get a competitive guide price for your car
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What is part exchange (also known as trading in my car)?

Put simply, we can offer a certain amount off the car you’re interested in by purchasing your current car. Part exchanging your car with Motorpoint means you could have lower monthly payments or less to pay on the full price of the vehicle. 

How do we calculate a part exchange?

Our team use an in-house valuation system based on data from CAP, the market leading automative industry database, to give you an immediate price for your car. The only information you need is your registration number and current mileage, along with some details about you. From this, we will be able to provide a guide price and start the process of part-exchanging your car.

Is the part exchange price guaranteed?

We will give you a range based on some assumptions about the condition of the car and service history. Once we have more information, our team will be able to give you a more specific price and help you with the next steps. 

How to part exchange a car with outstanding finance? 

Unlike some dealerships, we are happy to accept all types of part exchanges. This means you can bring in your car and we will calculate the remainder of your current finance, as well as help you settle whatever may be left on it.  

How does part exchange work with PCP?

It’s easy to part exchange when you have PCP on your current car. Motorpoint will help you settle the outstanding amount and any value left thereafter can then be used to purchase your next nearly new vehicle.

Can I part exchange a car on HP?

Motorpoint is happy to help with your HP part exchange. We will settle the outstanding finance on your current vehicle. If there is any remaining value, it can go towards your next car.

Can I part exchange without a V5 (V5C) for my car?

Unfortunately, you cannot part exchange without your V5 as this proves you are the legal owner of the vehicle. However, replacing it is a simple process. You can get a new V5 by simply contacting the DVLA or visiting their website.