BMW 1 Series Buying Guide

BMW 1 Series

The model that gave BMW a new lease of life

First launched in 2004, the 1 series was designed to expand the BMW brand offering to a younger audience.

It quickly became one of the best selling BMW models, helping to rejuvenate the brand.

The latest BMW 1 Series launched in 2019, and is the first to ditch the rear wheel drive configuration that has been a hallmark of the model since its inception. The newer models have a front wheel drivetrain as standard, with four wheel drive on the xDrive and high performance models. Another notable change was the third generation only being available as a five door.

As you’d expect from BMW, the standard specification list is full of the latest technology. All models are fitted with sat nav, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, and bluetooth.


Choose from a range of models and fuel options:

Model Fuel MPG BHP Emissions
118i Petrol Up to 49 136 135
116d Diesel Up to 62 119 119
118d Diesel Up to 61 123 123
120d Diesel Up to 57 190 129
128Ti Petrol Up to 40 265 148
M135i Petrol Up to 38 306 177

BMW 1 Series Trim Options

The range opens with SE and Sport trims, both with the softest suspension available. Even on the entry level variants you’ll still see an 8.8 inch infotainment screen, which can be upped to 10.3inch as an optional extra.

Move up to the M Sport trim level, and you’ll find a lowered suspension, larger alloy wheels, and more aggressive front and rear bumpers.

Beyond that, you’ll find the M135i - BMWs hot hatch - that offers supercar performance with all the practicality of a family hatchback. A staggering 306bhp is driven through all four wheels, though some smart engineering means the majority of the power is sent through the front wheels, with the rear taking up to 50% of the power when needed.

The entry level BMW 1 Series, the SE trim is fitted with the following as standard:

  • 8.8. inch touchscreen
  • Apple Car Play/Android Auto
  • Air conditioning
  • Cloth seats
  • 16 inch wheels
  • Front and rear parking sensors

The Sport trim comes with same specification as the SE trim with the following additions / upgrades:

  • Sport seats and steering wheel
  • Half leather
  • 17 inch wheels

The 128Ti comes with all the features of the Sport trim, plus:

  • Red performance exterior accents

The M Sport takes you into BMW’s high performance range, and named after their Motorsport department. The M Sport trim comes with a host of high end and sportier looking specifications fitted, including:

  • ‘M light’ alloy wheels
  • Front LED fog lights
  • M sport steering wheel
  • Leather interior
  • 18 inch wheels
  • Heated front seats

The top of the 1 Series trims is the M135i. It comes with all the specifications and upgrades in previous model, plus:

  • 10 inch touchscreen
  • Four wheel drive

Our BMW 1 Series top pick

Our Top BMW 1 Series Pick

If you’re looking for the best driving experience, our top pick of the 1 Series range has to be the M Sport trim. The interior is where you will notice more of the sportier touches such as sport seats, and more leather touches around the cabin.

The spec doesn’t fail to deliver either with heated leather seats, attentiveness assist and BMW online services