What is the Motorpoint Extended Warranty?

04 May 2022 Blog

It's actually so much more than an extended warranty – protect yourself for another two years!

Nearly every Motorpoint vehicle comes with the remainder of the manufacturer’s original warranty, but for unbeatable protection against the unexpected you can also take out a 12 or 24 month extended warranty for £329 or £489 respectively.

This Motorpoint Extended Warranty covers just about everything you could need, including all mechanical and electrical parts, as well as repairs to all included parts.

Unlike many other warranties, there’s no individual claim limit, no labour rate cap and you can have your car repaired at any VAT-registered garage.

There are plenty of other benefits included too…

Motorpoint’s warranty also includes breakdown cover

For added protection, our warranty will also give you breakdown cover. This covers all mechanical and electrical parts (as well as the labour needed to fit them), and the policy also guarantees we’ll recover you and up to five passengers to the nearest garage (or to home or your destination if it’s not possible to get you to the nearest garage).

Home assist is also included, so if your vehicle breaks down at home or within one mile of home it’ll be repaired on the spot or taken to the nearest garage.

We’ll cover your keys

Modern car keys can be surprisingly expensive to replace, which is why our extended warranty will cover you for up to £500 to replace lost or stolen keys at home or abroad, and up to £50 towards a locksmith if you lock yourself out of your car.

We’ve got your back come MoT time

Most cars sold by Motorpoint won’t yet have had their first MoT – but when the time comes, our extended warranty helps cover the cost of repairs or replacement parts, labour and VAT if it doesn’t pass first time.

Like a long warranty?

We've hunted through our forecourts to find the best used cars with long warranties – perfect for making sure you're covered well into the future.