How motorists can help make the world’s air cleaner

06 June 2022 Blog

Find out how we can all reduce deaths from air pollution

Air pollution is the single biggest environmental health risk that we face in the UK in 2022. More than 36,000 deaths are caused by air pollution in our country every year, and that’s why Clean Air Day exists to raise awareness of the need to clean up our act when it comes to polluting the environment.

Before we go further, we should point out it’s not all doom and gloom – surveys suggest 90% of people are doing at least one thing to help reduce outdoor air pollution. But how can we as motorists do our bit for the environment? We did some digging ahead of National Clean Air Day on 16 June.

Cut your tailpipe emissions

Clearly, the biggest way to cut your impact on air pollution is to remove your tailpipe emissions completely – and the simplest way to do that is to buy an electric car. But EVs aren’t suitable for everyone, so what else can you do to reduce the impact of your petrol or diesel car? 

The biggest change you can make is to turn your engine off when you’re sitting in traffic. Idling combustion engines make up a huge part of urban air pollution, and it’s believed that we could cut pollution by up to 30% by stopping idle engines. Nearly every modern car has stop-start technology – so try leaving it enabled next time you get into your car.

Why should I consider an EV?

Not only do electric cars have no tailpipe emissions, but they’re usually cheaper to run than the equivalent petrol or diesel-engined vehicles. With traditional fuel prices racing towards £2.00 per litre, there’s never been a better time to go electric. Charging your average EV at home currently costs about £15 for a 200-mile drive, compared with £35 for an equivalent journey using diesel. It might not sound like much of a difference, but it soon adds up. 

Factor in the lower service costs for an electric car (they don’t have engine oil to replace or traditional gearboxes to maintain) as well as the lower road tax bills, and EVs can be a tempting proposition.

What is Motorpoint doing to help?

While we realise that not everyone is ready to shift to an EV, here at Motorpoint we realise we have a responsibility to offset the impact our business activities have on the environment. That’s why we’re buying carbon credits to offset the first year’s motoring of every nearly new car we sell – and we aim to be Net Zero by 2040.

Ready to do your bit?

Check out our extensive range of electric cars as well as hybrids – and remember that even if you drive a petrol or diesel car, you can still do your bit to reduce air pollution.