Used BMW 1 Series M135i cars for sale

Taking the latest generation BMW 1 series and injected a 320bhp engine makes for one of the most exciting hatchbacks on the market. Nestled in the luxurious cabin of the M135i, its easy to forget that beneath the bonnet sits a 320bhp engine capable of launching the BMW from 0-60 in under 5 seconds, easily competing with the fastest of the contemporary hatchbacks. 

Teamed with either the Manual or Automatic gearbox, depending on driving style, can result in a thrilling drive or a quick motorway cruiser. With very little to compete with the 1 series in this format its clear to see the popularity of this small family car in its performance guise, especially for those looking for a less conventional choice, or those looking to save the premium to be paid for the larger performance models in the BMW line up.