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Synthetic Coat

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Please read this document carefully and make sure You understand and comply with these terms and conditions. Failure to do so may affect any claim which may arise and could lead to the Warranty becoming void.
This Warranty and its terms and conditions, detailed here, are between Ultimotive Ltd and the policyholder.
Please keep this document in a safe place.

The words or expressions detailed below have the following meaning wherever they appear in this Warranty. For ease of reference, these have been placed in alphabetical order.
Dealer: the company which sold the Vehicle to you.
Owner/You/Your: the registered owner of the Vehicle forming the subject matter of this Warranty as specified in the Schedule, being the first retail purchase of the Vehicle from the Dealer (but not subsequent purchases or transfers from the
Vehicle: the vehicle specified in the Schedule.
Warranty Period: the period this Agreement is in force which is until whichever first occurs of:
(i) the point at which the Owner ceases to
own or keep the Vehicle; or
(ii) the lifetime of the Owner
Upon receipt of Your treated Vehicle, You will receive the Synthetic Coat registration documentation which is registered by the dealer.
Application of Synthetic Coat must be made by an approved Synthetic Coat dealership or valeter.

Ultimotive warrants to the Owner, subject to the liability limitations set out in this document, that the Synthetic Coat shall, for the Warranty Period,
(a) be free from material defects;
(b) be of satisfactory quality;
(c) not cause the Vehicle to develop corrosion, discolouration, peeling or lacquer peel or other damage; or
(d) not fade, deteroriate or wear away.

Ultimotive will not accept liability for deterioration of paintwork caused by substandard specification materials or workmanship by Vehicle manufacturers, their dealerships or professional car valeters or others.
The following will invalidate this Warranty:
• Neglect or lack of maintenance and neglect of care and cleaning of the Vehicle in line with manufacturing guidelines;
• Wear and tear over time.
• Malicious or accidental damage including fire, floodwater, extreme weather conditions and secondary effects resulting from any of the foregoing;
• Damage from any cosmetic creams including sun-cream / block.
• Damage resulting from accidents, collision, faults installation, or any alternative to the Vehicle that could reasonably be expected to affect the performance of the Synthetic Coat;
• Damage caused by environmental pollution or conditions, including hail, lighting or acid rain;
• Vehicle neglect or abuse, including failure to remove bird droppings promptly;
• Damage caused by stone chips, scratches, or other paint damage that leads to surface rust damage;
• Damage arising from non-automotive cleaning and polishing agents, chemicals and solvents; and
• Damage caused by defective application of the Synthetic Coat by the Dealer or its valeter. Ultimotive reserves the right to inspect the Vehicle at a time and place of its choice.

This Warranty is provided strictly on the basis that all paintwork and interior surfaces comply with the car manufacturer’s specifications and standards and the paintwork is in good condition, free from marks, blemishes or water at the time of Synthetic Coat application.
• Industrial fallout, traffic film and atmospheric contamination should be removed promptly to maintain finish;
• This agreement coverage is based on deterioration of the paintwork only from: Acid Rain, UV Light, Cold, Frost, Tree Sap. Tree Sap must be removed immediately using the Turtle Wax Bird Dropping Remover.
• Damage as a result from Bird Lime is EXCLUDED.
• Damage from lacquer peel or clear coat damage is EXCLUDED.
• Damage as a result from suncream is EXCLUDED.
• Damage as a result from scratches and / or stone chips is EXCLUDED.
• Untreated areas due to damage or repair as a result of traffic accidents and damage caused by stone chips, any other such material are excluded along with fair wear and tear.

Once Synthetic Coat professional preparation standard has been established by an authorised Dealer, the following recommendations are fundamental processes and precautions to help maintain Synthetic Coat condition.

• We recommend the use of Williams branded car care products.
• We recommend the use of Williams Gloss enhancer to maintain the shine Ensure regular weekly/fortnightly washing
• Use car shampoo to remove bird droppings immediately;
• Pre-rinse grit by hosing before sponging;
• Only use top quality 100% cotton stockinet for polishing.
Cleaning Frequency
• There are environmental hazards which are impossible to protect against completely. In most circumstances long-term damage can be avoided by prompt intervention. Corrosive bird droppings, insect remains and tree sap must be removed as soon;
• Industrial fallout, traffic film and atmospheric contamination should be removed regularly by washing the Vehicle to maintain finish;
• Generally all brushes will cause a haze or damage to high gloss paintwork and are not recommended;
• Worn out chamois and sponges contaminated with grime and grit will scratch paintwork. Maintain in good condition and replace as required;
• Never attempt to dry scratch dried hard deposits from paintwork, as this will inevitably result in damage the paintwork.
• Hand Car Washing will not invalidate the warranty.

This warranty applies only to original manufacturer’s fabric upholstery, carpets and mats.
The cover does not include any claim in the event of the following:
• Abuse, misuse or neglect of the Vehicle;
• Stains caused by Ink (biro) dyes (fabric dyes including denim), bleaches, acid, alcalides and acidic substances;
• Fading / discolouration due to sunlight or heat;
• Problems due to manufacturing defects;
• Damage caused by pets;
• Fabric Protection treatment general care is required to remove soiling from treated surfaces;
• Any accidental spills or stains, should a spill or stain occur please remove as quickly as possible with a damp cloth and, if possible at the time, use a luke warm soapy water;
• Avoid rubbing as it may damage texture and colour;
• Only occasional vacuuming is required to remove dust and dirt deposits under normal conditions.
Damage to surfaces by burning, inks, paints, dyes, suncream, oils or other corrosive substances (including vomit) abrasion and fair wear and tear is excluded.
The agreement coverage is based upon marking and / or staining only by: water, tea, coffee, soft drinks, food excluding oils & fats and ice-cream.

173392.2 Terms and Conditions tracked
In the event of road accident damage subsequent to initial Synthetic Coat application, You must return the Vehicle to their Dealer for re-application of Synthetic Coat protection on repaired areas and for details to be recorded with original Synthetic
Coat registration document.
There will be a charge made by the Dealer for this service.

All claims under this Warranty must be reported immediately and later than 28 days to Ultimotive Limited before any action is taken and authorisation is given.
Where a valid claim is made under this Warranty, Ultimotive will arrange for such repair, replacement or refinishing of the Vehicle with Synthetic Coat as Ultimotive reasonably deems appropriate.
The repair must be completed at the premises of the Dealer from which the Owner purchased the Vehicle, or such other authorised dealer as may be agreed between Ultimotive Limited and the Owner.
It will be the Owner's responsibility to deliver the Vehicle to the relevant premises.
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