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A proper entry level model for the Mercedes brand

The Mercedes A-Class has been transformed from a dumpy oddball looking car into a proper Mercedes.

The original A-Class sold reasonably well but never really looked like a Mercedes, apart from the three pointed star badge on the grille. The latest version is now a proper entry level for the Mercedes brand with a much more dynamic hatchback shape. In short, it now looks how a small sporty Merc should look like.

It now has the desirability you expect a Mercedes to have, and it has the interior quality and finish to go with it. The new A-Class gets a thoroughly modern high tech cabin nicely finished in aluminium trim, that just feels like sized down version of the firm’s S-Class flagship.

The driver and front passenger get lots of room, but its tight yet cosy in the back seats for tall adults, but a nice place for kids to travel with a good sized boot. The A-Class drives a whole lot better than the original version, not quite as good as a BMW 1 Series but close enough that most drivers won‘t notice the difference.

You get a strong selection of diesel and petrol engines, plus AMG versions that dial up the driving fun factor, but I’d plump for the economical Cdi.

* Sporty design * Merc levels of interior quality * Good road handling *

Mercedes-Benz A Class in Stock

Review image Mercedes-Benz A Class Diesel Hatchback
Review image Mercedes-Benz A Class Diesel Hatchback
Review image Mercedes-Benz A Class Hatchback
Review image Mercedes-Benz A Class Diesel Hatchback