Why is it becoming so expensive to park your car?

21 April 2016 Blog

Finding a parking space can not only be a nightmare it’s fast becoming a ridiculously expensive nightmare believes Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson

I’m not talking about the exorbitant cost of parking in a big city like London, where you need a loan from the bank manager if you park all-night. Instead, I’m talking about normal towns and villages where the price of parking is going through the roof.

I live near Hereford, in the heart of the countryside, where parking now costs a ridiculous £5 and more at certain car  parks, and you have to pay to park all day even if you are only wanting to spend half an hour. Yet in the smaller town of Ross-on-Wye a few miles away you can park for just an hour for £1.10. Still not cheap but at least you don’t have to fork out a fiver.

What's gets to me though is the lack of consistency with local authorities. From the outside looking in it seems to be simply a case of how much they think they can screw motorists for.

The situation gets worse when you hear the stories of town’s where they charge a small fortune for parking at hospitals. Not that they particularly care. The authorities see them as easy prey to rip off knowing that they have no other option but to foot the sky high prices when visiting sick relatives.

Now I hear the Department of Transport is considering overhauling regulations that will mean the ban on drivers parking on pavements that is currently only in operation in London being extended across the rest of England.

If they bring in the ban it would make it illegal to park on kerbs and pavements and drivers would face a fine of up to £70. It seems to me like just another revenue earner for councils and another kick in the teeth for motorists. Motorists already pay a fortune in taxes and for fuel which appear to be heading back up the chart, and in return we get sub-standard roads covered in a blanket of pot holes that are costing a fortune in car repairs.

Whatever happened to a fair deal for motorists? The trouble with us in the UK is that we don’t protest enough about the raw deal we get as drivers, and the rocketing cost of parking is just another example of how we are being treated like second-class citizens. 

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