Road to recovery

06 January 2017 Blog

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson welcomes Government plans to overhaul the way in which road works are currently carried out on British roads

“I imagine I'm not alone when I say it drives me mad when I see endless stretches of road works where absolutely nothing is happening”

The Department for Transport is trialling a plan to increase the speed limit from 50 to 60 mph near road works on motorways and A Roads in a bid to cut traffic congestion.

Anyone who has like me been stuck for ages in tailbacks on the motorways caused by a 50 mph limit because of road works will welcome this as sheer common sense. Unfortunately the trial is being limited to a four mile stretch of the M1 until the Highways Agency can decide whether increasing the speed limit to 60 mph can be done’ safely’.

The Government has also instructed Highways England - who look after our main roads - to limit roadside works to no longer than a stretch of 10 miles, and increase the number of lanes open during works.

This is another positive move although God only knows why they have allowed road works to continue for up to 25 miles at a time - which as far as I am concerned is a recipe for disaster.

Drivers simply struggle to maintain a 50 mph limit for mile after mile, especially if each lane has been reduced in size to accommodate the road works. This more than often ends in drivers straying into another lane and accidents happening, which of course ends up in even more chaos and traffic jams.

But what really needs to happen is more road works to be completed in much quicker time. I imagine I'm not alone when I say it drives me mad when I see endless stretches of road works where absolutely nothing is happening.

It's only a suggestion but why not double the workforce and do the work in the half the time because we all know that road works not only cost a fortune but they drive us all mad in the process. 

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