Is there too much techonology in cars today?

14 April 2016 Blog

There is an endless array of new gadgets in today’s cars’ from the latest connectivity to cruise control.

The things you can do in your car today are mind boggling - from booking a table at a restaurant to technology that means the car can park itself - and everything in between such as autonomous cars that literally drive themselves are just around the corner.

I’m still most impressed though by the things that make the driving experience so much better, like LED headlights that light up the road ahead like Blackpool Illuminations.

For my sins I’m old enough to remember when headlights were more like candles flickering in the dark, and unless you had them on main beam you couldn’t see your hand in front of you. Ford are the latest to literally light up the road ahead with Glare-Free high beam headlights that also avoids drivers having to dip their headlights by simply blocking out the light rays that would otherwise shine in the eyes of other drivers.

The system uses a windshield mounted camera to detect the headlights or tail-lights of vehicles and bicycles up to 800 metres away at night, and uses specially developed headlights to block light that could otherwise blind other road users. The benefits are obvious as they enable the driver to see vehicles and hazards in the road ahead without dazzling other road users. Recent studies have shown that automated high beam headlights are activated up to 10 times more than when drivers have to manually switch to high beam.

The reality is that hundreds of road accidents and around ten fatalities a year are caused by drivers being dazzled by cars using main beam technology. We all love a good gadget but I’m much happier with technology like Ford’s Glare-Free headlights that make a real difference to the driver and can actually save lives.

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