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07 July 2016 Blog

Norway intends to ban all petrol and diesel powered cars by 2025. Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson assesses the implications of the news for motorists across the rest of Europe

“I admire Norway’s commitment to improving the environment, but for me a total ban on petrol and diesel cars is a step too far”

Biggest motoring shock of the week and the year so far was the news that Norway intends banning petrol and diesel powered cars by 2025!

According to a leading Norwegian newspaper politicians from both sides of the political arena in Norway have reached a concrete agreement that 100 percent of the country’s cars should be powered by green electric energy by 2025.

Before you dismiss it as political madness  remember Norway already has 24 percent of its vehicles running on pure electric and they have also developed a green ‘hydrogen highway’, complete with hydrogen filling station.

And Norway’s energy production is already 99 percent provided by its own hydroelectric plants, this is a country that doesn’t just talk the talk, but it walks the walk when it comes to changing  the environment for the better.

But banning all electric and petrol powered cars by 2025 is a seriously ambitious programme, I think they will have to include petrol/electric hybrid cars to reach it.

Personally I never like it when politicians try and dictate what I can or can’t do, especially something as important as telling me what car I can drive.

The fact is that every car maker is investing literally billions into  constantly improving the C02 emissions from its engines and making the cars we drive cleaner and greener. If motorists who have the money to spend on super cars of their choice and pay the extra taxation, they should be allowed to choose the car they want, and that freedom of choice should be available to all of us.

I admire Norway’s commitment to improving the environment, but for me a total ban on petrol and electric cars is a step too far.

One thing is sure the latest rise in new car sales underlines the fact that in the UK at least our love affair with the car, petrol or diesel, shows no sign of easing up. And I just spend a night in Dublin at the mercy of public transport and taxis, and the service was so bad I ended up walking to go and see Bruce Springsteen live in concert!

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