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Motorpoint 3 month warranty terms and conditions

Please read this warranty document carefully and make sure you understand and keep to these terms and conditions. Not keeping to these terms and conditions may affect any claim you make and could lead to the warranty becoming void.

This warranty is a legal agreement between:

  • you, the registered owner of the vehicle shown in the schedule attached to this warranty; and
  • us, Motorpoint who you purchased the vehicle from

Please contact Motorpoint (MP Warranty) to deal with all matters relating to claims made under this warranty.

Please keep this warranty document in a safe place.

1 What is covered - Warranty.

This warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts (including labour costs at a rate agreed by MP Warranty to fit them) against mechanical breakdown including wear and tear during the term of cover as specified in the warranty schedule.

Mechanical breakdown is the failure of a part, causing it to suddenly stop working, for a reason other than negligence.

The cover under the warranty only applies if these terms and conditions are fully met. The warranty does not apply to any parts not listed in these terms and conditions.

This warranty also covers the following:

Please see your Application Form for details of the maximum amounts that may be paid for each and any claim. These may be subject to lower limits as stated on these pages. All limits include VAT. There is no restriction to the number of claims You can make. This warranty covers all mechanical and electrical parts (including labour to fit them), of the Vehicle against Mechanical Breakdown and including items below.


  • The start and expiry dates of the Warranty as detailed on the Warranty Schedule.

Oil seals

  • Crankshaft front seal; camshaft oil seal; auxiliary shaft oil seal; gearbox rear seal; drive shafts seals; differential pinion seal
  • Any oil seal or gasket the engine or gearbox needs as part of a repair under this warranty

Working materials

  • Oils, oil filter and antifreeze are included only if it is essential to replace them as part of an agreed claim under this warranty.


  • If any of the parts covered fail, and this damages the casing, it will also be covered as part of an agreed claim under this warranty.

Air-conditioning re-gas

  • In the event of a valid claim, the most we would pay towards re-gassing is £45 (including VAT).


2 What is not covered.

  1. Parts not covered
    Burnt valves and any skimming/pressure. testing. Body, paint, glass, interior/exterior trim, key fobs and key cards, in-car entertainment/ communication systems and connected equipment including satellite navigation, catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters, wheels, airbag and system, electrical wiring, wiring looms, hoses, pipes, cables, brake seizure and corrosion. Service items and other components subject to routine maintenance or periodic repair or replacement such as plugs, HT leads, brake frictional material, clutch facings, wiper blades/rubbers, auxiliary belts, light bulbs/units, tyres, batteries, exhaust systems [this is not a complete list].
  2. We will not accept any claim which is reported to MP Warranty more than 7 days after the relevant fault was discovered.
  3. We will not accept any claim where the repair has not started within 14 days of the relevant fault being reported to us.
  4. This warranty does not apply if the vehicle:
    is used for any kind of time trial, competition or race; is used for any kind of time trial, competition or race days; rallying; buses, coaches, trucks, motorhomes, trailers, heavy goods vehicles; daily rentals; emergency vehicles; is used for hire or reward (for example, taxis, self-drive hire vehicles or driving school vehicles). or
    was customised or modified after this warranty started.

    We will not accept liability for damage caused by:
    1. Corrosion or Rust, Neglect, any foreign matter getting into or onto a part,
    2. the effects of overheating even if caused by a part covered by this warranty,
    3. using a grade of fuel not recommended by the manufacturers or using inadequate or incorrect antifreeze protection; not keeping the vehicle in a roadworthy condition, including maintaining oil and coolant levels’
    4. not servicing the vehicle in line with condition 3c (Servicing);
    5. freezing;
    6. abuse,
    7. the vehicle being overloaded, according to the law or the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. The Warranty does not cover the Following:
    • Claims arising because of negligence or intentional damage (including continuing to drive the vehicle when it is not mechanically sound)
    • The effects of poor repairs, or faults that were present when you bought the vehicle.
    • Parts which have not been fitted correctly.
    • Parts which are of faulty manufacture or design, or which are recalled for repair or replacement by the manufacturer.
    • Parts not fitted as standard or an optional extra by the manufacturer, unless we have agreed otherwise beforehand.
    • Damage to parts not covered by this warranty or any resulting damage of parts not covered to the covered parts .
    • The cost of diagnosis or testing exceeding One (1) hour at the maximum labour rate. The amount of time allowed for labour will be in line with the I.C.M.E standard repair times
    • Routine servicing or repairs.
    • Any parts which were found to need replacing during routine servicing or any repairs.
    • Any damage caused by fire, accident or any road hazard whether or not insured under any motor insurance or accidental damage policy,
    • Any loss, damage, liability or injury arising directly or indirectly as a result of a covered part failing.
    • It does not provide cover for other people or physical injury;
    • Damage caused by war risks, sonic booms or nuclear radiation.


3 General conditions

You must keep to the conditions in this section 3 to have the full protection of the warranty. If you do not keep to them, we may cancel the warranty, refuse to deal with your claim or reduce the amount of any claim payment, as we see fit.

  1. Duty of care
    You must not drive your vehicle after any damage or incident if this could cause further damage to your vehicle.
  2. Fraud
    If you (or anyone acting on your behalf):
  • make a claim which is false or fraudulent in any way; or
  • support a claim with any false or fraudulent document or device;

this warranty will not apply.

  1. Servicing
    The vehicle must be serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.
    If the vehicle has no service history, or the service history is incomplete, the vehicle must be serviced by a VAT-registered garage within twelve months or 12,000 miles (whichever is sooner) from the date you bought the vehicle. It must then be serviced in line with the manufacturer’s specifications, or every twelve months or 12,000 miles (whichever is the sooner). The servicing must include the following:
    • Changing the engine oil and filter
    • Checking oil levels in the gearbox and differential, and topping them up if necessary
    • Checking the coolant level and the strength of the antifreeze or inhibitor, and topping up if necessary
    • Checking the timing belt (if one is fitted) and renewing it if necessary
    • Replacing the brake fluid in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation The interval between services must not go over the set time or mileage by more than 21 days or 750 miles. If any circumstances prevent the service from being carried out on time, you must immediately send us written notice of this by ‘Signed for’ mail. You must keep proof of each service as we may need to check it if you make a claim.
      The only acceptable proof of servicing will be the fully detailed VAT service invoice, showing the date of the service and the mileage. You must keep all these invoices.
      If you do not provide satisfactory proof of servicing, your vehicle will not be covered by the warranty.

      Please Note
      Timing belts [otherwise known as camshaft drive belts]. If Your Vehicle has a timing belt, please make sure that it is in good condition and that it is checked and changed in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the timing belt breaks it can cause serious and unnecessary engine damage and inconvenience. No responsibility will be accepted for damage caused by the failure of a worn-out timing belt.
  2. Before you bought the vehicle, we will have checked it to make sure that the parts covered by this warranty were in good condition.
  3. The mileage quoted in the schedule does not guarantee that this is the true distance your vehicle has covered.
  4. We will not make or pay for repairs costing more than the limits shown in the schedule or as otherwise restricted by this warranty.
  5. For any one claim we will not make or pay for repairs costing more than the current vehicle valuation as listed in Glass’s Guide.
  6. We are not responsible for any mistakes or incorrect information we provided about the nature or value of this warranty.
  7. We will not return any payment you have made in connection with us issuing this warranty if you then go on to cancel it.
  8. We may use, or insist that your repairer uses, exchanged or reconditioned parts or like-for- like parts of a similar make, quality and wear.
  9. If the part to be replaced has some wear, or the replacement part improves the general condition or value of the vehicle, you will have to pay an amount towards the replacement part.

4 How to make a claim.

If the vehicle shows signs that there could be a mechanical breakdown, do not continue to use it as this may cause further damage which you will be responsible for.

  1. If you wish to make a claim, then notify MP Warranty by Telephone on 0114 553 6002 who will make a note of Your claim and advise You of the location of the nearest approved repairer. You can also submit the claim to MP Warranty by email:
  2. In order for MP Warranty to pay the approved repairer directly, you (not the repairer) must notify MP Warranty of your claim. This must be done before you give permission to a repairer to carry out any fault finding or remedial work. Notification from a repairer of a possible claim will not be accepted by Us.
  3. Book your vehicle in with the repairer and give your permission to carry out any fault finding/diagnosis or dismantling necessary.
  4. You may need to give your permission to pay for and carry out any fault finding, diagnosis or dismantling necessary, and agree to pay for any costs outside of the authorised amount.
  5. If MP Warranty authorise the repairs, they will issue an authority number specifying the amount they will pay for the repairs
  6. The repairer must not start any repairs without the authority number.
  7. Work carried out without prior approval will result in the claim being rejected.
  8. If you choose to use your own repairer, we will only pay them up to the maximum labour rate specified on this policy.
  9. You agree to pay for any costs outside of the amount authorised by Us.
  10. Before MP Warranty approve the repair they may ask for other estimates, to examine the vehicle, ask an expert to assess the claim, or specify the repairer you must use.
  11. When the repairs have been completed, the repairer can submit their invoice to MP Warranty. The invoice must give full details of the repair, including all replacement parts, labour costs and VAT. The invoice must be made out to Motorpoint and sent to MP Warranty.
  12. We may also need to see your original service invoices.
  13. MP Warranty will settle the repairer’s invoice directly with them, wherever possible.
  14. If you and MP Warranty disagree over the claim, follow our complaints procedure set out in section 9 below

The invoices for any approved repairs should be made out to Motorpoint can be sent by:

5 Additional Benefits

The extra benefits listed below will be provided subject to the limits specified in the application form or Schedule if any of the parts covered under the warranty fail.

Vehicle Replacement

We will pay up to £30 a day [including VAT] for every 8 hours authorised, for up to a maximum of seven (7) days, towards the cost of a hire Vehicle. You can only have a hire Vehicle if the Vehicle is being repaired under the warranty and prior authority has been given by MP Warranty.


  • We will not provide a replacement Vehicle for the first 24 hours that You are without the Vehicle or during any delay the repairer may have waiting for parts or commencing repairs.
  • We will not cover the costs of or fuel or insurance for the replacement Vehicle.
  • We will not cover any motoring fines and congestion charges that You may incur.

MP Warranty Assist.

This warranty cover provides the benefit of Breakdown Cover:

Roadside Assist – Up to 6 Claims during the term of the Warranty

If your vehicle suffers a Breakdown, this includes running out of fuel, help will be sent to the scene of the Breakdown, and we will pay call out fees and mileage charges needed to repair or assist with the Vehicle. If, in the opinion of the Recovery Operator, they are unable to repair the vehicle at the roadside the Recovery Controller will assist in the following way:

  • arrange for the Vehicle, You and up to five (5) passengers to be recovered to the nearest garage able to undertake the repair, or;
  • If the above is not possible at the time of the Breakdown they will arrange for the Vehicle, You and up to five (5) passengers to be transported to Your home address or original destination.

Home Assist

A Recovery Operator will be despatched to Your home address or within a one (1) mile radius. Attempts will be made to repair Your Vehicle on the spot. If a repair is not possible, they will transport your vehicle to the nearest repairing garage.

Emergency Overnight Accommodation*

If the Recovery Operator decide on alternative accommodation, We will pay a maximum of £25 per person for one night for You and up to five (5) passengers.

*These services will be offered on a pay/claim basis, which means that You must pay initially, and the Recovery Operator will send You a claim form for reimbursement, which will be dealt with by the Control Centre within a short period of time. Before arranging these services, authorisation must be obtained from the Rescue Controller.

Caravans and Trailers

If the Vehicle suffers a Breakdown and Your caravan/trailer is attached, providing it is fitted with a standard towing hitch and does not exceed 7.0104 meters (23 feet) in length, your caravan/ trailer will be recovered with the Vehicle at no extra cost.

What to do if you break down

If the Vehicle breaks down please call the 24 hour Control Centre on:

01206 812 882. (UK only)

(This telephone number is strictly for rescue purposes only)

The Rescue Controller will assist you professionally, sympathetically and deal with your request quickly.

Please have the following information ready to give to the Rescue Controller, who will use this to validate Your breakdown cover. Tell them;

  1. You are a Motorpoint customer.
  2. Your return telephone number with area code
  3. Your breakdown cover type and number and the Vehicle registration
  4. The precise location of the Vehicle (or as accurately as You are able in the circumstances)
  5. What seems to be the problem (for example, if you have a puncture tell the Controller Your tyre size).

The Rescue Controller will take your details and ask You to remain by the telephone You are calling from. Once arrangements have been made, they will telephone to advise who will be coming out to You and how long they are expected to take. You will then be asked to return to the Vehicle.

Please remember to always guard Your safety but remain with or nearby the Vehicle until the Recovery Operator arrives. Once the Operator arrives at the scene please be guided by his/her safety advice.

If the Police are present please advise them that You have contacted Your recovery service or give them the telephone number to call on Your behalf.

Warranty Assist – What is not Covered.

  1. Assistance due to an accident, fire, theft or vandalism or other incident normally covered by a Motor Insurance Policy. Assistance can be arranged if You agree to pay for the service provided. (You may be able to recover these costs under the terms of Your Motor Insurance Policy).
  2. Any caravan/trailer being towed where the total length exceeds 7.0104 metres (23 feet) and where it is not attached to the Vehicle with a standard towing hitch.
  3. Vehicles not registered as having Motorpoint Breakdown Cover.
  4. The cost of any parts, components or materials used to repair the Vehicle.
  5. Any costs or expenses not authorised by the Rescue Controller.
  6. The cost of food, drinks, telephone calls or other incidentals.
  7. The cost of alternative transport other than to Your destination or home.
  8. The cost of fuel, oil or insurance for a hire Vehicle.
  9. The recovery of the Vehicle and passengers if repairs can be carried out at or near the scene of the Breakdown within a reasonable time. If recovery takes effect You are entitled to recovery to only one address in respect of any one Breakdown.
  10. Overnight accommodation or car hire charges if repairs can be carried out at or near the scene of the Breakdown within an agreed time.
  11. Breakdowns caused by failure to maintain the Vehicle in a roadworthy condition including maintenance or proper levels of oil and water. If, in the opinion of the Recovery Operator, We should terminate Your breakdown cover immediately, We will notify You by letter as to what action We have taken.
  12. Any request where service cannot be effected because the Vehicle does not carry a serviceable spare wheel and locking wheel nut and/or manufacturer approved emergency foam fill kit.
  13. Any request for service if the Vehicle cannot be reached due to snow, mud, sand or flood or where the Vehicle is not accessible or cannot be transported safely and legally using a standard transporter.
  14. Any request for service if the Vehicle is being used for commerce, commercial driving or tuition, hire or reward, (for example, taxis, self-drive hire or driving schools) delivery courier, or is over 3500kg GVM, or used in any sort of rally, speed testing, racing or any kind of competition or trial other than ‘Treasure Hunts’.
  15. Overloading of the Vehicle or carrying more passengers than it is designed to carry.
  16. Claims not notified prior to expenses being incurred.
  17. The charges of any other company (including Police recovery) other than a Recovery Operator appointed by Call Assist or of car hire or accommodation charges except those authorised by Call Assist.
  18. Loss or damage to the Vehicle or its contents.
  19. Direct or indirect loss, damage or liability caused by, contributed to or arising from:-
    1. Ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from an irradiated nuclear fuel or from nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel.
    2. The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.
    3. Any results of war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power.
    4. Any false or fraudulent claims.
    5. Failure to comply with requests by Call Assist or the Recovery Operators concerning the assistance being provided.
    6. Fines and penalties imposed by the Police or Courts.
    7. Any charges where You, having contacted the Rescue Controller, effect recovery or repairs by other means.
    8. Ferry and Toll charges.
    9. Any claims relating to non-standard, customised or modified Vehicles unless declared and agreed with Us prior to us issuing the warranty
    10. Any service or insurance cover where remedial action has not taken place following a previous Breakdown.
    11. More than six (6) callouts during the term of this warranty.

6 Transferring Warranty

You cannot transfer this warranty if you are selling or have sold the vehicle. In this case the warranty will automatically end.

7 The Law Applying to the Warranty

The warranty will be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

8 Cancellations

If you cancel this warranty within 30 days of purchase and a full refund will be provided, we will not refund any amount you have paid in connection with this warranty if you cancel after 30 days of purchase.

To cancel within the 30 days please email Motorpoint Customer Services to arrange the cancellation

9 Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about this warranty, you should contact us. If your complaint relates to how MP Warranty have handled a claim, you should contact us by phoning 0114 553 6004 or by email to

You will need to give the details of the warranty, including the warranty number shown in the schedule.

Following this procedure will not affect your right to take legal action.

10 Data Protection and GDPR

We would like to keep you informed on how we use your personal information. For the purposes of GDPR the Data controller in relation to any personal data you supply is Motorpoint and the data processor is Motorpoint who hold and use your information to set up the products and services presented to you by Motorpoint and may share your information with affiliated companies for the same purpose.

For a copy of our complete Privacy Statement, please refer to our website:

11 Geographical Limits

is the region within which this Agreement is valid, being the United Kingdom.