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Motorpoint Blog

Welcome to Motorpoint's blog page. For more information contact Stephen Wright, PR Manager. E: T: 01332 227239 M: 07825 308326

Start the year as you mean to go on!

11 January 2017 Blog

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson believes the future is bright for British car manufacturers if the new Aston Martin DB11 is anything to go by

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Road to recovery

06 January 2017 Blog

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson welcomes Government plans to overhaul the way in which road works are currently carried out on British roads

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Why my New Year's motoring wish is for drivers to stop using their phone while at the wheel

28 December 2016 Blog

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson explains why his motoring New Year’s wish is for all those drivers still using their phone while driving to stop

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How we showed the world sales stereotypes are wrong!

15 December 2016 Blog

We wanted to show the world how stereotypes of sales people, particularly car salespeople are wrong. Watch how we did this below…

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Is Brexit pushing up the price of new cars?

15 December 2016 Blog

Motorpoint blogger and former Motoring Editor at The Sun Ken Gibson explains how car manufacturers are quietly increasing the price of new cars in the wake of the Brexit vote

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Make sure you are ready for winter!

20 November 2016 Blog

With the Met Office predicting a severe winter - the worst since 2010 - Motorpoint blogger and respected motoring journalist Ken Gibson offers some timely advice to avoid getting stranded by the below average temperatures over the next three months.

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When are you too old to drive?

07 November 2016 Blog

With the number of drivers over 100 years old having tripled in the last year Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson debates whether it's time for everyone over the age of 70 to undergo a full independent medical examination to check that they are fit to drive

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Highway Robbery!

24 October 2016 Blog

Ken Gibson, Motorpoint blogger and former Motoring Editor at The Sun, explains why he thinks recent price increases at the pumps are nothing more than highway robbery

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What is the cost of providing a dedicated taxi service to your children?

18 October 2016 Blog

Parents provide a dedicated taxi service to their children. But how much time is it taking up and how much money is it costing? Motorpoint spoke to a cross section of parents to find out more

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Why you should lose your licence for using your mobile phone while driving

06 October 2016 Blog

Motorpoint blogger and former Motoring Editor at The Sun Ken Gibson explains why he'd like to see people lose their licence for using their mobile phone while driving

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Is renting a car in Europe really a nightmare?

27 September 2016 Blog

Motorpoint blogger and former Sun Motoring Editor Ken Gibson decides to find out whether recent horror stories about renting a car abroad are true or not during his recent trip to Spain

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The Great Motorway Service Station Rip Off!

19 September 2016 Blog Derby Burnley Glasgow Newport Peterborough Chingford Birmingham Widnes Birtley Castleford Oldbury

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson calls for an end to the Great Motorway Service Station Rip Off in the UK

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D-Day for new car registrations

01 September 2016 Blog

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson explains why he thinks the new 66 reg plate could be the first major indicator of exactly how much Brexit is affecting people’s spending

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How Brits are being switched onto the electric car revolution

20 August 2016 Blog

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson believes the huge increase in charging points is a sign that Brits are finally switching onto the appeal of electric cars

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Motorpoint Grand Prix Series - Castle Classic

14 August 2016 Events Blog

Chris Lawless from JLT Condor has been crowned the overall winner of the Motorpoint Grand Prix Series after a dramatic last minute dash to the line in the Castle Classic in Leicester

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Why Brits have fallen in love with SUVs!

13 August 2016 Blog Press Release Events

What is it about SUVs that has made Brits fall in love with them in record numbers? Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson tries to get to the bottom of this modern motoring phenomenon

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Why video will never replace the good old-fashioned test drive!

29 July 2016 Blog

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson questions claims by CitNow that the entire car buying process will be carried out by video within five years

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What a load of rubbish!

25 July 2016 Blog

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson slams lazy motorists for turning Britain's roadsides into a eyesore thanks to the sheer volume of litter they are throwing out of their vehicles while behind the wheel

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Time for a technology check!

20 July 2016 Blog

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson examines the implications for autonomous cars with the news that a driver was killed while watching a movie behind the wheel of his Tesla in California

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Fuel for thought!

07 July 2016 Blog

Norway intends to ban all petrol and diesel powered cars by 2025. Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson assesses the implications of the news for motorists across the rest of Europe

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So much for green thinking politicians!

18 May 2016 Blog

Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson explains why the battle to get motorists into pure all electric cars has just taken another twist with changes to the Government’s Plug-In Grant Scheme

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Why is it becoming so expensive to park your car?

21 April 2016 Blog

Finding a parking space can not only be a nightmare it’s fast becoming a ridiculously expensive nightmare believes Motorpoint blogger Ken Gibson

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Is there too much techonology in cars today?

14 April 2016 Blog

There is an endless array of new gadgets in today’s cars’ from the latest connectivity to cruise control.

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About the author

Ken Gibson was Motoring Editor for The Sun for 23 years during which time he became one of the best known motoring newspaper journalists in the world. Over that period Ken tested thousands of cars from super minis to SUVs and super cars, and drove millions of miles all over the world.

As well as writing a blog covering the motoring issues of the day, he also independently road tests and creates video reviews on a cross section of cars sold by Motorpoint.