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UK Cars To Have Mandatory Speed Limiters From July 2022

UK Cars To Have Mandatory Speed Limiters From July 2022



The introduction of mandatory speed limiters is an attempt to help reduce the number of traffic accidents on the road. Research by the European Traffic Safety Council (ETSC) says it is hoped that collisions will reduce by 30% and prevent 140,000 serious road traffic injuries by 2038.

What is a speed limiter and how do they work?

A speed limiter is an additional safety feature that is fitted in your car to prevent you from travelling above a speed limit that you have pre-set. This can help you complete a long motorway journey without having to regularly check your speedometer to ensure you are driving within the speed limits.

This may sounds a little like cruise control, but it’s different in that rather than maintaining a set speed you still use your accelerator to get up to your max speed and keep it pressed to move the car (the limiter will just stop you driving above the pre-set limit).

Why are speed limiters becoming compulsory in cars?

The purpose of the speed limiters is to reduce the number of collisions and accidents on the roads. Research by the ETSC has estimated a reduction in collisions of 30% if cars were fitted with speed limiters!

With the highest speed on UK roads being 70mph and many cars having a top speed much higher than this so more needs to be done to ensure drivers stick to the legal limits.

When will speed limiters become compulsory?

All new cars launched from 06 July 2022 will be fitted with a compulsory speed limiter.

Can a speed limiter be removed?

Under the current regulations speed limiters can be switched off. However, please be mindful that it is not only dangerous to exceed the top speed limits of your car, but it is also illegal to drive above the legal UK speed limits.

Will I need to retrospectively fit a speed limiter in my car?

At the current moment, speed limiters won’t need to be retrofitted to your car.

How will a speed limiter impact my car insurance?

It is thought having fewer cars on the road driving above the legal speed limits will reduce the number of accidents. Fewer accidents will mean fewer car insurance claim, which will eventually lead to a drop in insurance premiums.

With a speed limiter fitted, you are also less likely to be caught speeding and receive penalty points (which can also help keep the cost of car insurance down).