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Used Toyota Avensis cars for sale

We currently have 50 in stock

A practical motor for practical families

There are 1 trims of Avensis manufactured by Toyota in our current stock

Our stock of used Toyota Avensis come in a range of gearbox and fuel type options


Fuel Type

For a practical saloon that can provide you with comfort and commanding performance, look no further than a nearly new or used Toyota Avensis from Motorpoint. In our range, you can find plenty of options covering models that are suited to long commutes, or just practical and comfortable versions for driving around the family.

There are second-hand Toyota Avensis cars with economical diesel engines, as well as petrol versions and even convenient automatics. You can also find a used or nearly new Toyota Avensis with the specs you have in mind by using our search tools. These let you filter our collection by such features, as well as by others like price and mileage. When you’ve found the right vehicle, simply get in touch.

There’s also the option to visit your nearest Motorpoint dealership and see what second-hand Toyota Avensis cars we have available and book a test drive.  

Watch Ken Gibson's video review of the Toyota Avensis above or read the full review here.

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