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Gold Trusted Service

All Cars Less Than 3 Years Old
and less than 25,000 miles

Vehicle preparation standard

Buy with confidence at Motorpoint thanks to our comprehensive Vehicle Preparation Standard.

Buy with confidence at Motorpoint thanks to our comprehensive Vehicle Preparation Standard.

Rigorous Electrical and Mechanical Testing

Trained technicians conduct a rigorous multi-point check of every vehicle – assessing every major electrical & mechanical component. Only once this quality control process has been completed is a vehicle displayed on one of our forecourts. As part of this process we check the following:

Vehicle Exterior

  • Bodywork
  • Brake System
  • Exhaust
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Transmission
  • Wheels
  • Security

Vehicle Interior

  • Electrical Controls
  • Audio / Navigation Systems

Every vehicle will have a minimum of 6 months MOT & at least 1,000 miles or three months until the next service is due.

Loose items that come as standard, such as parcel shelfs etc are checked and stored safely with the vehicle.

Cosmetic Repairs

Every vehicle is inspected to ensure it meets our strict cosmetic standards.

  • Paint chips are repaired where possible (in line with the vehicle’s age and mileage)
  • Light paint scratches are polished and improved (in line with the vehicle’s age and mileage)
  • Dents in the paintwork are removed
  • Windscreen chips are repaired to MOT standards. If we are unable to repair the chip, we will replace the windscreen
  • Any cracked lamps or mirrors are replaced
  • Kerbed alloy wheels are refurbished and any minor chips or scratches repaired
  • Tyres have a minimum of 2.5mm tread across the centre of the tyre; no plies or cords are exposed nor are there any large cuts or bulges
  • Any interior tears, burns or broken trims are replaced
  • Cars are odour free

Professionally Valeted

Finally, vehicles are professionally valeted inside out and out to ensure they look as good as new.

Quality comes first every time at Motorpoint