Motorpoint extended warranty terms and conditions (Commercial/Hire and Reward)

Motorpoint Taxi and Commercial Vehicle Warranty

Insurance Product Information Document
Insurance Company: Intermediary: Product:
Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Limited Defend Insurance s.r.o. Taxi & Commercial Vehicle Warranty
This product is underwritten by Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Ltd (Malta Company Registration Number C 84703) who are authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Deemed authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number 805770, and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Details of the Temporary Permission Regime, which allows EEA-based firms to operate in the UK for a lim-ited period while seeking full authorisation, are available on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website.
The product is administered by Defend Insurance s.r.o. who are a licensed independent insurance intermediary regulated by the Czech National Bank and are registered by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority for the conduct of general insurance business under Temporary Permissions Regime for inbound EEA Firms, under the Firm Reference Number 679738. These registration de-tails can be checked on the Financial Conduct Authority’s Financial Services Register. Details of the extent of the administrator’s regulation by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority are available from the administrator on request.

What is insured?
✓ Parts and labour costs of all electrical and mechanical components within chosen insured duration and claims limit for the purchased vehicle.
✓ Cost of replacing your vehicle keys following loss or theft up to a maximum of £500 per claim.
✓ Cost of gaining entry into your vehicle in the event of the keys being locked inside the vehicle limited to a maximum of £50 during the policy term.
✓ Roadside Assistance to repair your broken down vehicle at the roadside when you are more than 1 mile from your home
✓ If your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, the recovery operator will transport you, your vehicle and passengers to the nearest repairer.
✓ Provides cover for MOT repair costs on listed mechanical and electrical components relating to the VT30.
✓ Maximum claim liability up to £750 during each period of MOT Test Insurance.
✓ The interest of a family member if this insurance is transferred to them with ownership of the vehicle.
(Note: all figures inclusive of VAT)

What is not insured?
 Any claim which occurred prior to the start of this policy.
 Any claim which is not reported within fourteen (14)days of the date of loss.
 Any amount in excess of the maximum limits shown in the policy schedule.
 Any claims directly or indirectly caused as a result of theft of the key(s) by a person known to you who has reasonable access to the key(s) including a family member
 Consequential damage of any kind or any consequential loss, injury or damage.
 Parts which have been fitted incorrectly or parts which are of faulty manufacture or design.
 Damage caused by neglect, corrosion, lack of servicing or deterioration.
 Any breakdown which has occurred prior to purchase
 Anything which is not a breakdown e.g. a road traffic collision
 Any parts which have not actually failed, which are replaced or re-ported during routine servicing and/or repair of other parts which have failed.
 The cost of the MOT test and/or the re-test fee.

Are there any restrictions on cover?
Ị The vehicle must not be an emergency vehicle, commercial vehicle, LCV, taxi, courier vehicle, bus, minibus, coach, truck, motor home, trailer, heavy goods vehicle, licenced private hire vehicle, daily rent-al vehicle or breakdown and recovery vehicle.
Ị The vehicle must not be used for road racing, track days (timed or untimed), rallying, pace-making, speed testing or any other competitive event.
Ị Authority must be sought prior to commencing any repairs.
Ị Only one MOT Test Insurance claim is permissible during each 12-month period
Ị Maximum 6 call outs per cover for roadside recovery
This is a summary of key information. Full information on this product, including information about the underwriter, how to make a claim, the complaints procedure, and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (UK), can be found in the policy terms and conditions.

What is this type of Insurance?
This insurance covers the failure of a covered components causing a sudden stoppage of its function. This also covers the repair, replacement of keys or locks, the failure of components on the VT30 under an MOT test and also provides assistance in the event that your vehicle requires recovery due to breakdown.

Where am I covered?
✓ Cover is provided for accidental and malicious damage which occurs within the UK, Isle of Man or Channel Islands, or within the countries of the European Economic Area for a period of up to sixty (60) days for any one single trip.

What are my obligations?
• You must take reasonable care to provide us with accurate and complete answers to our questions whether you are at proposal stage or making changes to your policy.
• If you become aware that information you have given us is inaccurate or has changed, you should inform us as soon as possible, as failure to do so may invalidate your policy and claims may not be paid.
• You must advise us if you sell or transfer ownership of the vehicle as this will require changes to your insurance.
• You must make us aware of any change in circumstances that effect your eligibility for this policy.
• You must notify us as soon as reasonably possible in the event of a claim but no later than the number of days stipulated in the policy wording from the date of loss depending on the nature of the loss.
• You will be responsible for payment of any repair work completed that falls outside of the scope of this policy.

When and how do I pay?
You can purchase this policy and pay your premium at the time you discuss this with your motor retailer. Payment can be made as a one-off payment to your motor retailer. This will be explained at the time of purchase and detailed on your policy schedule.

When does the cover start and end?
The cover will run from the start date, which is detailed on the policy schedule benefits of Key cover and Breakdown cover will commence from the delivery date, until the earliest of the following dates:
• You or the vehicle no longer meeting the eligibility criteria; or
• The date on which the vehicle is sold or transferred to a new owner; or
• The number or value of claims settled having reached the limits; or
• The policy being cancelled by either you or us; or
• The expiry date as detailed on the policy schedule.

How do I cancel the contract?
You may cancel the Policy within 30 days of the Policy sale date without financial penalty provided no claim has been sub-mitted. The Policy has no surrender value and no premium paid will be refunded after 30 days of the Policy sale date
• Please contact the administrator if you wish to cancel within thirty (30) days of the sale date on the policy schedule or receipt of the policy terms, whichever is later.
• by telephone on 0161 451 4805; or
• by writing to Customer Services,

Last updated 01/05/2021