VW's version of the X-Factor!

The Scirocco is for the more extrovert Volkswagen buyers who want a touch of extra style and sportiness.

The radical original model was a cult success for VW back in the 1980s and the latest Scirocco is just as dramatic with its sculpted coupe styling giving it Volkswagen’s version of the X-Factor.

The swooping roof line means that the Scirocco doesn’t deliver the usual practicality of a VW, with space in the back tight for adults, especially headroom. But this is a VW for buyers who want a car that delivers the driving fun to go with the looks.

The interior is a step up from even the high quality of the VW Golf. Although it shares most of the parts, it does so with a sportier finish that only adds to the growing appeal of the Scirocco.

* Unique style * Quality interior * Good drive and economical * 

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