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Executive looks

The Insignia was the car that started Vauxhall’s style revolution to produce some of the most attractive mainstream models on the market.

It looks a class above the Vectra model it replaced and it was a dramatic improvement in every way.

A recent mid-life face-lift has improved the car again, although they sensibly only tweaked the already strong looks, with subtle changes to the chrome grille and headlights.

The Insignia also produced a serious upgrade on the inside with better quality trim and plastics, along with a genuine executive car feel and levels of equipment.

Travelling in the Insignia is like being upgraded from economy to business class on an airplane, with supportive seats and plenty of leg and headroom, along with huge boot space to match.

And the Insignia is a nice enough car to drive without matching the handling abilities of a Ford Mondeo or a BMW 3 Series, plus it comes with a significant saving compared with its German counterpart.

The engines line-up fits into the adequate category with a turbo charged 1.4 and 2.0 litre petrol, a standard 1.8 litre petrol, plus a range of diesel engines all with fuel economy ranging from 40 mpg up to over 70 mpg.

Best of all you get an executive car package for less than some top of the range superminis when you buy a nearly new Insignia.

* A Vauxhall with design flair * Executive car interior * Great value for the money *

Vauxhall Insignia in Stock

Review image Vauxhall Insignia Diesel Hatchback
Review image Vauxhall Insignia Diesel Hatchback
Review image Vauxhall Insignia Hatchback
Review image Vauxhall Insignia Diesel Sports Tourer