The Mercedes E-Class has got its mojo back!

The E-Class is the Mercedes for buyers who think a C-Class lacks clout but who doesn't need a limousine like the S-Class.

It’s the prestige executive car for buyers who want the Mercedes badge, but are looking for a practical car to go with it.

And the current models are a welcome return to a more stylish and upmarket look for the Mercedes E-Class. The bolder new nose with the twin headlights have given it a new lease of life.

It’s the same story on the inside where the Mercedes E-Class has got its premium quality mojo back, with a cabin that oozes quality. I recently spent two days travelling across France in a friend’s Mercedes E-Class and it was a supremely relaxing and refined way to travel. The Mercedes E-Class has that confident re-assurance of a Mercedes about it.

Owning an Mercedes E-Class makes a statement that you're successful and you’ve got a touch of class.

* Bold new styling * Quality interior * Strong engine line-up * Refined drive * 

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