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A proper go anywhere 4 x 4

If you want a proper go anywhere 4x4 the Jeep Grand Cherokee is hard to beat.

I love the macho rugged American styling and the classic seven bar Jeep grille, that tells you this is the real deal as a 4x4. I drove the Jeep Grand Cherokee to the top of a Peruvian mountain so I can vouch for the fact it will take you to places other 4x4s can’t reach - it truly is exceptional off-road.

But the Jeep Grand Cherokee has also taken some big strides when it comes to on road driving, it’s a lot more refined without matching the levels of a Range Rover or BMW X5.

And Jeep have made some progress on the quality of the interior, again it can’t match the refinement of the top class premium brands, but you lack for nothing when it comes to equipment and there’s plenty of space on board.

The 3 litre V6 turbo diesel engine packs a useful punch and fuel economy of just between 30 and 37 mpg is good for a big 4x4, and if money is no object there’s a gas guzzling all American 6.4 litre V8 SRT. But it’s the diesel that is the best balance and that gives you a truly authentic 4x4 experience.

* Lots of real 4x4 character * Brilliant off road * Best Buy 3 litre TD *

Review image Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee in Stock

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