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HYUNDAI IX35 Car Review

The clever crossover!

Hyundai were one of the first to gamble on crossovers becoming motoring’s next big thing when they brought out the iX35.

Crossovers are a clever combination between a hatchback and a traditional SUV 4x4, that have the looks of a SUV but in a compact less intimidating size.

The other key attribute is they are more practical and roomier than a typical hatchback, but they have similar fuel economy and come with the option of two or four wheel drive.

The iX35 was an instant success and the current face-lifted version continues to attract plenty of new buyers.

Its instant appeal is smart chiselled and slightly macho styling, and although it’s not the stand out crossover it does everything pretty well, and its reasonably priced with a five year warranty.

On the inside the iX35 has lots of leg and headroom and a well laid out neat and tidy cabin, with big easy to use controls. It’s also got a big family friendly boot with versatile split folding rear seats.

On the road the iX35 is a comfortable if unexciting performer, you also get the benefit of sitting higher up than a hatchback. There’s a range of 1.6 petrol or a selection of diesel engines that fit into the competent category.

I’d go for the 1.7 diesel that returns around 45 mpg, it’s not the most refined at low speeds but it’s fine once your on the move and its lively enough to carry all the clutter of the growing family or active couples.

The iX35 is another example of why Hyundai continue to be one of the fastest growing brands in the UK, well styled, reasonably priced there’s plenty to like and not much to dislike.

* Sharp styling * Plenty of room on the inside * Well laid-out cabin * Five year warranty *

Hyundai Ix35 in Stock

Review image Hyundai Ix35 Estate
Review image Hyundai Ix35 Diesel Estate
Review image Hyundai Ix35 Estate
Review image Hyundai Ix35 Diesel Estate