HYUNDAI I40 Car Review

Premium car without the premium price

Hyundai have cracked just about every sector of the car market, but like every mainstream brand they struggle to sell big family cars.

Traditional big family car buyers have been attracted instead to big SUVs and people carriers in recent years, or tried to stretch their budget to buy an entry priced model from the German premium brands.

Hyundai however refuse to give up on big family cars and in the i40 saloon and Tourer estate they have a car that is well worth a look for a number of reasons.

Firstly, as a nearly new buy they cost just a fraction more than a smaller family hatchback, so you get a lot of car for your money. And in the case of the i40 you get a striking-looking big car that delivers all the extras you’d expect in a top end premium executive car.

You also get lots of space inside for five tall adults and boot space to match, making the i40 ideal for the growing family. Or for business use, which is where the Hyundai has been picking up increasing business. Interior quality has come on a long way in Korean cars in recent years and it's now close to, or on a par, with the best mainstream manufacturers in Europe.

* Striking looks * Well priced with lots of equipment *

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Review image Loading Hyundai I40 Diesel Tourer
Review image Loading Hyundai I40 Diesel Tourer