HYUNDAI I30 Car Review

More than a match for the Ford Focus and VW Golf

When a family hatchback is good enough to push the class-leading VW Golf and Ford Focus you know it’s good.

And that’s exactly what the latest version of the i30 has achieved for Hyundai, it’s good enough to be compared with the best.

You could argue that the Hyundai i30 looks more dramatic than either the VW Golf or Ford Focus - it's certainly a good-looking hatchback. It’s also a very practical family car with excellent space for 4 to 5 adults and a good-sized boot - all packaged in a smart modern cabin.

The Hyundai i30 may not quite match the VW Golf or Ford Focus for out and out driving pleasure, but it's now close enough that most drivers won’t really notice the difference. It’s basically a very nice car to drive.

Where once it was a case of wishful thinking, with the latest verion the Hyundai i30 is now definitely a genuine contender in the battle of the hatchbacks. With a trump card of ultra competitive pricing attracting a growing number of customers.

* Strong all-round performer * Much improved cabin * Good economy * 

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