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A whole lot of car for the money

The Ford Mondeo is a BIG family car with serious space for five adults and perfect for a family with growing teenagers, topped of by massive boot. And, if you need the extra load carrying of an estate the Mondeo version is well worth a look, because you’ve got the space of a small van in the back. 

It’s also a great driving car that if it had a BMW badge everyone would be raving about it. It combines executive car comfort and it’s easy to drive for such a big car, along with a really sweet six speed gearbox.

There’s a range of top petrol and diesel engines to complete the excellent driving package. I’d go for the extra mpg of either the 1.6 or 2 litre diesels, that both return in excess of 50 mpg, although the Ecoboost petrol is a useful performer. And the Mondeo gets also the driver aids and gadgets you’d expect in an executive car, nicely packaged in a well finished interior.

* Executive car size for the price of a supermini * Business class comfort * Strong performance and handling *

Ford Mondeo in Stock

Review image Ford Mondeo Diesel Hatchback
Review image Ford Mondeo Hatchback
Review image Ford Mondeo Diesel Hatchback
Review image Ford Mondeo Diesel Hatchback