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FORD C-MAX Car Review

A people carrier that drives like a hatchback

The Ford C-Max proved that compact family people carriers didn’t have to be boring and dull as dishwater to drive.

And the current version has stepped up the ante with crisper styling, better versatility and improved fuel economy from a range of upgraded engines.

The C-Max is best suited for families with small kids or buyers down sizing but still wanting a vehicle with good practicality. There’s room for five adults at a push, but the back seat is best for children.

Whoever buys the C-Max will enjoy the drive because it handles like a hatchback and at 4380 mm long it’s not much bigger to park than a standard hatch, but it’s got a much bigger and deeper boot that can swallow awkward loads with the rear seats down.

The C-Max benefits from the full range of Ford petrol and diesel engines, starting with the award winning 1 litre ECOboost which punches well above it weight, but I’d recommend the diesel as the best compromise of economy - around 60 mpg - and performance.

Ford also offer the even sportier and bigger S-Max or the seven seat Galaxy if you are transporting teenagers and adults regularly, as more practical options to the C-Max.

But if you are looking for a compact people carrier with a good mix of capabilities at the same or cheaper price than a brand new supermini, the C-Max makes a lot of sense.

* Proves that people carriers don’t have to be dull * For mum and dads who actually enjoy driving * Good mix of capabilities *

Ford C-Max in Stock

Review image Ford C-Max Diesel Estate
Review image Ford C-Max Diesel Estate
Review image Ford C-Max Diesel Estate
Review image Ford C-Max Estate