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FIAT 500L Car Review

The funky family car

The Fiat 500 is arguably the coolest and trendiest small car on the road. The 500L is like its big brother.

Fiat understandably wanted to cash in on the popularity of the 500 and the L version offers the practicality that the baby model lacks. Its for buyers with a growing family who don’t want a boring box but a car with a bit of character, which the 500L has but it is an acquired taste from certain angles.

There is no doubting its versatility as a small people carrier that can take five people in a degree of comfort. You also get the funky Fiat 500 interior, just with more handy stowage points and a much bigger boot to underline its practicality. There’s a selection of petrol/diesel engines starting with the dinky 0.9 litre three cylinder that struggles with the extra bulk of the 500L, which is why I’d go for either the 1.3 or 1.6 diesels, that also return better economy between 60 and 65 mpg.

Don’t expect the fun factor of the 500 when it comes to the driving, the L version handles like how you’d expect a compact sized people carrier to drive.

* Surprisingly practical * Economical diesel engines * Funky interior *

Fiat 500L in Stock

Review image Fiat 500L Diesel Hatchback
Review image Fiat 500L Diesel Hatchback