Motorpoint key cover insurance

Key Protection Insurance has been designed to reduce the distress and worry of losing your keys, as well as the expense.
Please read this document carefully and make sure You understand and fully comply with its terms and conditions. Failure to do so may jeopardise the payment of any claim which might arise and could lead to the Policy becoming void. Please ensure You keep it in a safe place so You can read it again if You need to.
This policy is underwritten by Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd, Registered office 5/5 Crutchetts Ramp, Gibraltar and is authorised and regulated by the
Financial Conduct Authority register number 456936.
Subject to payment of the appropriate premium for this policy of cover, Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd (The Underwriter) agrees to provide the following Key Protection Insurance cover. Your policy schedule, which includes the signed declaration and the undertaking to pay the premium, is the basis of the contract and forms part of the policy. We strongly recommend that you read this section and understand the extent of cover, conditions that apply and the claim procedure that must be followed in the event of a claim.
1)24 hours, 365 days a year nationwide coverage.
2)Keys lost or stolen abroad.
3)Three days Vehicle hire [up to £30 including VAT per day] when stranded by the theft or loss of your Vehicle’s keys.
4)£25 towards any call-out charge when your keys are locked in your vehicle or broken in the lock of your vehicle.
5)£10 reward paid directly to the finder.
6)Up to £500 for any vehicle key lost or stolen and vehicle lock replacement, for the duration of the policy.
At the time of delivery of your vehicle you will obtain your key fob from the dealership where you purchased your vehicle from / or / allow 28 days for your key fob to be sent to the address on the Proposal Form, if you do not receive it at delivery of your vehicle. The period of insurance in this case for Key Protection will be extended by 28 days from the purchase date on the Proposal Form to allow for the key fob to be delivered.
You must comply with the following conditions to have the full protection of your policy. If you do not comply with them we may at our option: cancel the policy; refuse to deal with your claim or reduce the amount of any claim payment.
1)All lost and stolen keys must be reported to Key Protection within 48 hours of discovery of their loss or theft
2)Lost and stolen keys must be reported within 48 hours of discovery of their loss or theft to the Police, with the crime reference number retained.
3)The total claims in the period of insurance including Vehicle hire not to exceed the limit in the policy schedule.
4)To claim for key and lock replacement five days must be allowed after registering the loss of your keys with AutoProtect If the keys are not found in this period a claim can be made up to £500 including Vehicle hire. If keys are found within the five days no claim can be made for key or lock replacement. In the situation of keys being stolen then immediate authorisation for lock and key replacement will be given. The claim will be paid on
receipt of a Police report sheet and appropriate bills, up to the maximum limits.
5)Vehicle hire authorisation must be obtained from AutoProtect prior to use, with three days being the maximum at up to £30 including VAT per day. Vehicle hire will be authorised immediately as a result of lost or stolen keys when you are stranded and have no access to your Vehicle. If authorisation is not obtained prior to the Vehicle hire then the claim cannot be paid.
6)All receipts for Vehicle hire, key and lock replacement and call-outs must be forwarded to AutoProtect.
7)If keys are not lost or stolen then no claim will apply.
8)The policy only covers the registered Policy holder’s keys which are attached to the key fob
You must not act in a fraudulent manner. If You, or anyone acting for You,
1)make a claim under the policy knowing the claim to be false, or fraudulently exaggerated in any respect; or
2)make a statement in support of a claim, knowing the statement to be false in any respect; or
3)submit a document in support of a claim, knowing the document to be forged or false in any respect; or
4)make a claim in respect of any loss or Damage caused by Your wilful act, or with Your connivance, then :
We shall not pay the claim
We shall not pay any other claim which has been made or will be made under the policy
We may at our option declare the policy void
We shall be entitled to recover from You the amount of any claim already paid under the policy
We shall not make any return of premium
We may inform the police of the circumstances
1)All lost and stolen keys must be reported to AutoProtect and the Police within 48 hours of the discovery of their loss or theft and any crime reference numbers retained.
2)Check the circumstances are covered by the Policy, then telephone AutoProtect immediately stating the Policy Number if possible, on:
01279 456 501
3)AutoProtect will help arrange assistance from a qualified local locksmith and help You find alternative transport if required.
4)Vehicle hire authorisation must be obtained from AutoProtect prior to use.
5)Where lost or stolen keys are reported found, AutoProtect will contact the owner to arrange collection and will pay the finder £10 reward direct with no contribution from you.
6)You pay for the services and then send all appropriate bills including the Police report if required to AutoProtect claims department.
7)When the vehicle is left unattended, all security devices and immobilisers must be activated, doors locked and keys removed from the vehicle.
1)Claims will not be accepted for any losses that will be met under the terms and conditions of any Motor Insurance Policy.
2)Claims will not be accepted in respect of any acts of vandalism or malicious damage, or attempted theft.
3)Any claim for replacing locks when only parts need changing will not be covered.
4)Claims will not be accepted for damage to locks by wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown,
cleaning, repairing, restoring or anything which happens gradually will not be covered.
We may cancel this policy by sending 30 days' notice in writing direct to you by recorded delivery to your last known address. If there has been no claim (or claim pending) during the current period of insurance We will calculate the premium for the period you have been insured and refund any balance. If a claim has been submitted during the current period of insurance no refund will be given.
You can cancel this policy without financial penalty within the first 30 days of the start provided no claim or attempted claim has been made. Thereafter both parties must give 30 days’ notice of cancellation. The policy has no surrender value and no premium paid will be refunded after the 30 days of the start date
We realise that things can go wrong and there may be occasions when You feel that We have not provided the service You expected. When this happens We want to hear about it so that We can try to put things right. If You have cause for complaint it is important You know We are committed to providing You with an exceptional level of service and customer care.
Step One – contact the Administrator:
The Managing Director
AutoProtect (MBI) Limited
Warwick House
Roydon Road
Essex CM19 5DY
Tel: 01279 456 500
Fax: 01279 456510
We expect that the majority of complaints will have been quickly and satisfactorily resolved at this stage but if You remain dissatisfied You can take the issue further.
Step Two – If You are still dissatisfied:
In the unlikely event that the matter is still not resolved, Your complaint can be referred to:
The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
London E14 9SR
Please note You have six months from the date of the Administrator’s final response in which to refer Your complaint to the Ombudsman. Referral to the Ombudsman will not affect Your right to take legal action against Us. The complaints procedure above does not affect any legal right You may have to take action against Us.
Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd, who underwrite this insurance are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd cannot meet their obligations. This depends upon the type of insurance and the circumstances of the claim. Most insurance contracts are covered for 90% of the claim. Further information is available from the Financial Conduct Authority of the FSCS. The FSCS can be visited on the web at or by contacting the FSCS on 0800 111 6768.

Data Protection
We are the Data Controller for the data You provide to Us. We need to use Your data in order to arrange Your insurance and associated products.
You are obliged to provide information without which We will be unable to provide a service to You. Any personal information provided by You may be held by the Insurer in relation to Your insurance cover. It may be used by Our relevant staff in making a decision concerning Your insurance and for the purpose of servicing Your cover and administering claims.
Information may be passed to loss adjusters, solicitors, reinsurers or other service providers for these purposes. We may obtain information about You from credit reference agencies, fraud prevention agencies and others to check Your credit status and identity. The agencies will record Our enquiries, which may be seen by other companies who make their own credit enquiries. If You provide false or inaccurate information and We suspect fraud, We will record this.
We and other organisations may use these records to:
a. Help make decisions on insurance proposals and insurance claims, for You and members of Your household
b. Trace debtors, recover debt, prevent fraud, and manage Your insurance policies
c. Check Your identity to prevent money laundering, unless You furnish Us with satisfactory proof of identity.
We process all data in the UK but where We need to disclose data to parties outside the European Economic Area (EEA) We will take reasonable steps to ensure the privacy of Your data. In order to protect Our legal position, We will retain Your data for a minimum of 7 years. We have a Data Protection regime in place to oversee the effective and secure processing of Your data. Under GDPR legislation, You can ask Us for a copy of the data We hold, have it corrected, sent to a third party or deleted (subject to Our need to hold data for legal reasons). We will not make Your personal details available to any companies to use for their own marketing purposes. If You wish to complain about how We have handled Your data, You can contact Us and We will investigate the matter. If You are not satisfied with Our response or believe We are processing Your data incorrectly You can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF Tel: 0303 123 1113.

last updated 25/01/2021