4x4 cars – not just good in the snow

04 February 2019 Blog

If you’ve never considered a 4x4, the ever-changing winter weather in Britain might have changed your mind.

Have you ever been a little worried about getting to the shop when the weather is bad outside or roads are particularly slippery? You’re not alone. According to research by Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care, two-thirds of Brits surveyed experiencing anxiety when driving in snow and three-fifths avoiding driving altogether.

With 4x4s offering a range of security features amongst their naturally more robust structure, an SUV could be the way to alleviate those concerns. But that’s not all you get with this kind of car, there’s so much more than just off-roading. We’re here to show you all the biggest benefits of going super-sized.

  • The traction that comes from four- or all-wheel drive gives you better grip around corners – although you should always drive with care.
  • Better control over all four wheels and higher clearance off the ground mean adverse weather conditions feel much less of a problem.
  • From a higher seating position, you have a wider view over the road and can adjust your driving according to anything you see.
  • You get plenty of space. Use it for luggage, sports equipment, pets or extra safety stuff. You’ll never have to worry about finding room.
  • Just as comfortable in the city or on the motorway as they are on a country road, many 4x4s have a variety of modern safety features and nifty bits of technology.

So, you’re sold on the safety and luxury features of the modern 4x4 but put off the price? There’s more good news when you buy a nearly new car with Motorpoint. We guarantee the best prices. In fact, we’re so confident that we have the Motorpoint Price Pledge. If they find a like for like car from a competitor, we will refund the difference to any customer within seven days of their order. As an added bonus, you will receive £50 worth of Amazon vouchers to spend on whatever you like.

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